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Fly Fishing for Largemouth Bass
with Ken Hanley

Hooking up with largemouth bass is exciting and definitely splashy. Ken Hanley will tell you exactly how to get them on a fly using special techniques and hot fly patterns.

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Loved it. Would like more like this.

  Dave Vingom
United States

Great show Ken is always a pleasure to listen to. Thanks for putting these on.

  David Wratchford
United States

I really enjoyed the show. We were in a tornado warning with sitings and I did not get to hear the whole show, but what I did hear, I did learn some things.

  Tim Baer
United States

Enjoyed the show with Ken Hanley... very informative on fly fishing for largemouth bass. I look forward to putting some of Ken's techniques to use the next time on the water for largemouths.

  Thomas Betters
United States

I was able to get caught up on the last 2 shows this Saturday. Excellent job by both speakers very informative. Keep up the good work.

  John Dailey
United States

Brian is always great/interesting. Keep him coming! You have the BEST podcast without doubt. Your format is good and you control the discussion well. I seldom catch you live but I listen to ALL of your podcasts after the fact. Thanks.

  Daniel Moore
North Carolina
United States

I enjoyed listening to Ken's interview. It's nice to hear an expert talk about my favorite type of fishing. I would like to hear more interviews about Bass fly fishing.

  Mark Biggs
United States

Very informative. You should do a show with the Calico Syndicate a group of guides and anglers dedicated to fishing for SW Bass in SoCal. Would make a great show as they are using new techniques to get down to the fish utilizing heavy grain sinking lines.

  Roy Fukushima
United States

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