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Fishing Streamers for Trophy Trout
with Kelly Galloup

Kelly Galloup knows how to catch trophy trout, especially with streamers, but not in the way you might think. You'll have to listen in to our show to find out his techniques and strategies. Kelly has written two books and has been published in nearly every major fly fishing periodical in the country. Kelly was also one of the hosts of Fly Fish TV on the Outdoor Life network.

Show Reviews

Comment   Listener

It was both informative and interesting. I learned much about early AM and late PM fishing for big fish. Thanks.

  Steve Faber
United States

Great presentation about large trout streamer fishing by Kelly Galloup. Good information regarding fly size and leader size. I like to go back and listen again later to pick up points that I may have missed during the original broadcast. I loved the presentation last week and prevoius regarding Bonefish in the Bahamas, and Pike on a fly. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  Tom Zmina
United States

I haven't really fished a lot using streamers. I will now give it a try, thanks to all of Kelly's information.

  Joe Drab Jr
South Dakota
United States

This was a great effort on your part. I thought Kelly was outstanding and I like inovative approaches to catching fish. There were good questions about gear, presentation, water and where to look for trophy fish.

  Len Anderson
United States

That was a great piece. I got a lot of information out of it and now it's time to put it to a test. I have tried Streamers in the rivers before to with very little success. Now I have a plan of attack. Good work guys, I look forward to the next one.

  Mike Muse
United States

I enjoyed Kelly's talk. I fish the salt marshes of S-E LA and have never been on a trout stream. That said, there are some common threads to be found in streamer fishing for predatory fish, no matter what waters you fish. Many of Kelly's observations confirm my own experiences with speckled trout, red fish, black drum, and other saltwater fish found in our shallow marches ponds, cuts and bayous. Lets have more of same.

  Joseph McMahon
United States

I've stayed at Kelly's Slide Inn and am a follower of his streamer philoshophy. I really enjoyed the talk. Keep up the good work.

  David Reid
South Carolina
United States

The Show was great. I had a High School fly fishing club meeting and all listened . Thanks

  Brad Blancett
United States

Great show! I always enjoy hearing what kelly to say. He had a lot of insight on how to fish streamers and how to set up your equipment. I always had problems fishing them because my leader wasn't right! Keep up the great work!

  Kurt arens
United States

Once again, listening to your program has provided new information and techniques for me to use when trout fishing. I have watched Kelly Galloup a number of times on TV before the fly fishing shows seemed to disappear and was always impressed with his knowledge of big trout behavior. Listening to your interview with him helped me even more with new ideas to use on my next fly fishing trip. I was particularly interested in his comments on HOW he fishes streamers as well as the water depth and terrain he recommends when fishing this type of fly. Thanks again for developing such an informative site.

  Charlie Ray
United States


United States

Well worth anyone's time who is serious about this sport. With the loss of several fly fishing shows (TV/ Radio/ News Papers) it is a pleasure to go to a source of experts in the industry. Best of luck and keep the number of seminars coming!

  Mike Bank
United States

Excellent - I am ready to go and try some Kelly's flies and techniques real soon. The format was very good and very detailed -- I like that.

  Chuck Pigos
United States

Very comprehensive discussion. I enjoyed it and learned much from Kelly. I sure like the format.

  Lee Haskin
United States

Hi I just listen the program with Kelly Galloup, it is very interresting and It is clear and easy to understand, for me since I am a french speaking person. Thank you and keep up the good work. Mike Boutet Shannon Qc.Canada

  Mike Boutet

I listened to Kelley Gallup, I'm about to head out west for a few days(nights) on the Bighorn at Ft. Smith and I thought I'd spend some time after dusk in a couple of hog holes. The ideas he has are great, I'm going to try a few. I'll be tuned in in the future. I'll report back after the trip.

  Ric Ahern
United States

Your program is the greatest thing to come along in our sport sense graphite. After listening to your program with Kelly Galloup and reading his books, I just had to meet him...well I did last week. What a great icon and person. Thank you so very much for "Ask About Fly Fishing" I listen to the programs over and over. Don't worry I have all my friends listening! I wonder how many iPods have been sold just to listen to "Ask About Fly Fishing"? Keep up the GREAT work!

  John French
United States

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