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A Passion for Permit
with Jon Olch

Jon Olch has been fascinated with fishing the saltwater flats for almost 40 years. He’s caught just about every kind of fish on the flats but he’s obsessed with permit. He’s studied the permit inside and out and is one of the most knowledgeable permit fly fishers on the planet. Join us to learn more about fly fishing for one of the most challenging fish in the water.

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Comment   Listener

Jon was great presenter. The detail in his answers was very impressive... clearly knows his subject. Thanks for providing this interesting and technically well executed presentation.

  Walt Winslow
United States

Very informative on the different species of Permit and how to catch them.

  Jack Harris
United States

Roger, Great show. I was delighted to win Jon Olch's Green Reef Crab fly. I will be very interested to see this fly as it must really be something if it takes Jon an hour to tie it. My home address where you can send the fly is: Douglas McLean 139 Mt Cascade Pl SE Calgary, Alberta Canada T2Z 2K4 Best...........Doug

  Douglas McLean


  John Dean
New South Wales
New Zealand

One of the most interesting shows yet. Great questions and a speaker with wonderful insight. I love chasing permit,and learned much from your show. Thanks. Dougal

  Dougal Rillstone
United States

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