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Conejos River Magic
with Jon Harp

Jon Harp has guided fly fishers for over 17 years on the Conejos River in southern Colorado. Discover one of the last pristine, undeveloped river systems in the West and learn about the big wild brown and rainbow trout you can hook into.

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Thanks so much for the knowledge. Absolutely incredible show. Thank you fo your hard work to bring us the best of the best. Look forward to future shows!

  Sgt Wes Dyer
New Mexico
United States

I thought it was great. The Conejos sounds like a dream. As someone renewing the pursuit of fly fishing I was encouraged by how much I understood. I particularly liked how open and generous Jon was with his information. And his anti-snob policy. If this is representative of the fly fishing culture everywhere I will have no trouble making it back up and over the learning curve. Thanks!

  George Knotek
United States

Absolutely great. What else can I say. I really liked the detail about the boats and the explanation of the differences of the boats. I really enjoyed it and I do hope to make my own river Dorey.

  Tim Baer
United States

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