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Fly Fishing for Bluefish on the Eastern Seaboard
with Captain John McMurray

John specializes in guiding and fishing Jamaica Bay's 10,000 acres of salt marsh flats just minutes away from New York City. Listen in to learn the secrets of fishing for bluefish in Jamaica Bay and other Eastern seaboard locations.

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I like the trout segments, I have only fished for bluefish a couple time and it is fun.

United States

The broadcast on bluefish was informative, as all of your show have been. I understand that your show is headquartered in Westminster, CO. For a future show/shows I would like to suggest a live webcast from the Fly Fishing Show in Denver that is held in January every year. The Denver show in particular has many famous fly fishing personalities in one location, and would be a good opportunity to produce smaller segments (30 minutes?) from a variety of personalities.

  Barton Jennings
United States

I have always enjoyed the format of the show. This show with Captain John McMurray was entertaining since I have fished for Blues in the past. The show was enlightening and informative. Please keep up the good work.

  Tom Zmina
United States

For never have fished for bluefish, I found the topic very intestering. Captain John McMurray sounds like a very knowledgeable guest. However, I thought the interview was kind of canned. It wasn't a free flowing interview. It seemed the interviewer had to much of an agenda to keep that John was hearded through the interview. I think it is important to try to keep the guest to limit there disscusion to the current subject of the topic, to a certain point. Most importantly the interviews should not only be educational but, also entertaining. I felt I missed out on both. On a higher note I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the other broadcasts and think you guys have done an excellent job presenting them. I learned a lot of new things and most importantly found them entertaining at the same time. Lets keep the education fun and exciting. Thanks again for the great shows.

  Timothy Schilling
United States

I caught the show this evening after the fact, which is a good feature about the internet. I was especially interested since the show was about fishing in my area, and I knew about John McMurray from his magazine articles and from reading David Dibenedetto's book. Thanks for a great show! I'll even give you a pass on referring to Sandy Hook and Sandy Point! Just kidding. :) Thanks and keep up the good work!

  Jon Wright
New Jersey
United States

I guess I was surprised that there is still really pristine areas that near to New York. John was a pleasure to listen to even though I probably will never fish for bluefish or stripers with a fly-rod. A good listen. Thanks

  Richard DeMott
United States

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