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Fly Fishing Adventures in Baghdad
with Joel Stewart

Joel Stewart found himself based in Camp Victory on the grounds of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's former Al Faw Palace. He fished numerous man-made lakes stocked by the former dictator with a variety of sport fish. Soon he was teaching others how to fly fish. Thus, the Baghdad School of Fly Fishing was born, an angling club that remained in existence for the remainder of the time American troops were in Iraq. Listen in to hear about the exotic fish Joel caught, how the Baghdad School of Fly Fishing was born and how it flourished during times of war.

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Comment   Listener

Awesome show! Interesting to hear about the different types of fish in the world. Great show.

  Zachary MCconnell
United States

I thoroughly enjoyed the show about flyfishing in Bagdad. Your guest was an excellent interview and brought an interesting perspective to the sport. I was also pleased to hear that he continues to devote his time with the Project Healing Waters organization. Great show!

  Camilo Santana
United States

Very informative. Enjoyed it emensly. Will check the archives for things of interest in the coming weeks.

  Robert Traver
United States

A very informative and interesting show. I really enjoyed the various aspects Joel Stewart shared from the fish species and flies to the fishing conditions and situations in Baghdad that he experienced and for the others serving in our military.

  Brian L
United States

Good show. Interesting topic

  Randall Thorpe
United States

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