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Fly Fishing for Mahseer in India
with Jeff Currier

Jeff Currier explores India's rivers for the exotic Mahseer. It's a huge fish that is seldom caught on the fly but Jeff was determined to do so and did. Learn from Jeff the process he uses to figure what makes a fish tick.

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Jeff always brings alot of very interesting fishing info as well as added highlights which make for an extremely interesting show.

  Robert Ruess
United States

Roger: As always an outstanding interview and show. I learned a lot tonight from Jeff and also really enjoyed his tiger story (the fishing was great too!).

  Frank Dalziel
British Columbia

Great show - Jeff was very interesting and great story teller. I didn't think I would be interested because this is an exotic fish that I will probably never have the opportunity to catch, but Jeff captured my imagination with his vivid description. Good job Roger!

  Eric Halloran
United States

Just another wonderful show. I always enjoy the interviews covered with Jeff. Thanks again Roger for your hard work.

  Timothy Schilling
United States

Even though I'll never get there. I found it very interesting. I enjoyed it a lot. Thank You

  Bob Heptonstall

Jeff Currier is one from best anglers in the world.

  Vladyslav Trzebunia

Thoughly enjoyed the Jeff Currier radio show, I went to southern India last January in searce of Mahseer, I used a fly rod myself but found conditions too dificult, but after listening to Jeffs trip with Misty Dhillon I cant wait to get out there and see the Himalayas & Mahseer, in March or April 2009. I hope I see a tiger from a distance not 5 feet! I loved the pregnant pause on the radio, you could imagine what was going in jeffs mind!!!! Best one yet.

  Garry Carr
United Kingdom

This is the first show from I've listened to. I'm listening to it right now. This is absolutely wonderful. I subscribed to the podcast feed and to the show announcement feed before I was even 10 minutes into the show. I've got my yearly trip to CO to visit family and do some high country fishing coming up next week, and this show is providing some great tips to get me ready.

  Jarod Morrison
United States

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