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Lake Nassar's Nile Perch
with Jeff Currier

Jeff Currier has just returned from Egypt and his second adventure in search of the exotic Nile Perch. Join Jeff to learn about what it takes to figure out a fish that is seldom caught on a fly.

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I thought it was a very informative show. Jeff Currier eloquently detailed his adventures on the Nile, searching for that elusive 100lb Perch. I thought Dave's prompting on the strategies for catching Nile Perch, the gear one must think about before traveling to the Nile for such an excursion, and the general experiences that Jeff has had on his trips there set the stage for a very enlightening discussion. Nice job! Thomas

  Thomas Hawk

Great show. Enjoyed listening to more fishing stories. Thanks...Always informative and entertaining.

  Drew Friedrichs
United States

Another wonderful show. I always enjoy listening to Jeff Curriers adventures. I thought Roger asked some good questions and the subject was well covered. Now I'm going out to caught some new species on the fly. Thanks!

  Timothy Schilling
United States

You have me interested. I will be putting Nile Perch on list of future fish to try.

  Jeff Weltz
British Columbia

Another awsome show. I could really see myself standing on a rock by the Nile - fly fishing for the Nile Perch. Loads of great information. PS. Check out the big sweetwater Stingrays of south east asia - up to 1000 pounds. Or the huge Mekong Catfish - over 600 pounders.

  Mattias Seger

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