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Golden Dorado in Bolivia
with Jeff Currier

Jeff Currier has been on another great adventure - this time in Bolivia for Golden Dorado. Dorado have voracious teeth and put up an incredible fight. Listen in to find out how Jeff did and whether he landed his trophy fish.

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Jeff never misses. He is great!

  Gary Powell
United States

Great show! Jeff is a great storyteller and knowledgeable fisherman. Someday hope to fish Bolivia or one of his trips. Thanks for bringing him in and for your great shows. Especially appreciated in a long cold winter in the Midwest!

  Matt Norton
United States

Jeff Currier is always a great guy to have on the show. I always clear my schedule for Jeff! Nice Job to you guys, as always.

  Erik Moncada
United States

I thought it was a great show. Unfortunately it's a fishery that's beyond my budget and I spend a lot on fishing. I spend three months of the year down in Baja, Mexico and it only cost me about 3K for the entire trip. I'd really like to find a way to fish for golden dorado without the high end lodges and guides. I think Argentina is even more restrictive as to access. I do like your shows and appreciate the ability to interact. I heard your interview with Mike Reiser many years ago while I was in Alaska. I then met Mike down in Baja and have since worked for him as a guide fishing for roosterfish and all the other great species down there in Baja. Thanks again Roger.

  Gary Boyer
United States

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