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Peacock Bass and Other Brazilian Treasures
with Jeff Currier

Jeff Currier has been at it again. Exploring exotic parts of the world in search of fly fishing treasures. Join us as Jeff talks about his travels to Brazil, Venezuela and Panama in search of peacock bass, piranha, arowana, jacunda and monster catfish.

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Comment   Listener

Jeff was great as always! What a vast amount of information from an expert! Thanks for having him on the show.

  Pat Oglesby
United States

Great show !! Thank you

  Thomas Warren

It is good to hear from one of the TRUE fly fishing bums, Jeff Currier. In my opinion he should have his own show like River Monsters, because he accomplishes the same thing using a fly rod. Thank you for having him on the show, and looking forward to next time.

  Erik Moncada
United States

That was an enjoyable and informative show. Listening to it was like having the two of you sitting round the kitchen table chatting about peacock bass fishing. Only thing could have improved it would have been seeing some photos but that is tough over the radio. I was also pleased to hear the answers to the questions I asked and even more pleased to hear that I won a subscription to fly fusion. I do already have a subscription but could certainly do with having it extended for a year. Tight lines........Doug

  Douglas McLean

I thought Jeff offered some good information on fishing in Brazil. However, as I live in Brazil, I think some of the info could have been expanded on. Where I fish, you need to use a steel leader all the time. Also, the Pantanal is a wonderful place to fish and is more accessable to my location here in Sao Paulo. There are so many places to fish here in Brazil and where ever you listeners go, they will be wonderfully surprised.

  T. David Warren

This was the first show I have listened to live. Even though I don't know if I'll ever be able to travel to South America and fish for peacock bass and other species, I enjoyed the presentation and learned a little more about another part of the world. I lived in South America for almost two years and have recently read a few books that described parts of the Amazon rain forest, so the descriptions of the geography and weather by your guest helped bring things to life. I have listened to a number of previous podcasts of your program and have also found them very interesting and informative. I love to fly fish, and I try to visit different waters within a reasonable distance of our home in Provo, Utah. Thanks. I plan to listen again.

  Mark Hutchings
United States

Heckuva great show ! Jeff Currier offered all the expected tips and provided some valuable insights,as well. Overall, I'd say that this program addressed all the touchstones that the traveling fly-fisher should be concerned with.

  Christopher Brant
United States

I always make it a point to listen when you have Jeff as a guest. I know with absolute certainty that I am going to both learn something and enjoy the segment. Once again, he did not disappoint. He really knows his flyfishing

  Kevin Critzer
United States

Great show, learned alot and hope to get to go fishing for peacock bass someday

  Randy Kratochvil
United States

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