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European Fly Fishing Techniques
with Jeff Currier

Jeff has learned a lot by participating in the World Fly Fishing Championships including the Polish and Spanish nymphing techniques and English lake techniques. Listen in as Jeff shares all that he's learned from European fly fishers.

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Awesome show guys. This was one of the better ones. Take care and keep up the great work.

  Jim Kercheval
United States

I very glad that you had him on. I learned a lot. I just wish the show could have been longer. I hope you have him back on real soon.

  Joe Drab Jr
South Dakota
United States

Thought show broadcast was great. would have liked more information on setting up the rigs.

  Armando Palomares
United States

Great interview. I learned several techniques which I am certain will help my productivity on the stream. Most especially in two critical areas: 1.Setting up a tandem nymph rig. I had been doing it backwards. Maybe now I'll get it right. 2.Casting Tricos. I had been using standard dry-fly method with marginal results. Jeff's technique of down and across, then pulling back to see it and precisely float it to the individual trout is a wonderful no-brainer. Why didn't I think of that!!??

  James Crosbie
United States

Great show. The only part I was slightly confused by was the explanation of how the dropper rig was tied for the Polish technique. I continue to use the traditional tie to bend when using a dropper, haven't had any problems with hook ups. On a different note. I am moving to northern Wisconsin and will, once again, be looking to guide as a supplement to my income. I have guided in the past, but only for a company. I am trying to figure out how to start out on my own. I will be guiding for musky, bass, pike, and trout on a fly. Any tips would be great.

  Woody Deloria
United States

What a great and informative show. Make me want to run out and start using some of the nymphing techniques discussed. Pictures, I would like to see some pictures of the nymphs and and rig ups. Keep up the great work.

  Mark Cole
United States

Great show! I really enjoyed listening to Jeff Currier on the different nymphing techniques. I can't wait to get his book. Thanks for this awesome radio program. Tight Lines.

  Patti Beasley
United States

Enjoyed the show on European Fly Fishing Techniques by Jeff Currier. I do wish that some pictures even line drawings had been posted to better show what Jeff was trying to describe. For example I'm still trying to understand the technique of using the perfection loop to add a dropper.

  Don Fraser
United States

I caught your show later than the live broadcast, but really enjoyed it. I'm new to the sport of fly fishing so a lot of the information was beyond my skill level, but gave me ideas for research. Most of my fly fishing is warm water lake fishing in North Texas, I've never had a trout on a fly rig, but a 3.5 lbs bass will get the heart rate up.

  Terry Young
United States

Hey Guys, Jeff Currier's show was great! Another round of superb questions asked by you and the write-ins. I liked Jeff's truthfullness about how he got picked and got started in world competition. Keep up the excellent programs!

  Mike Kelly
United States

Great show. I thoroughly enjoyed Jeff's discussion of Polish and Spanish nymphing techniques. His insight into equipment and tackle requirements was very helpful. Good luck to Jeff and Team USA in Portugal!

  Monte Smith
United States

Loved It!

  Mike Realon
North Carolina
United States

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