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Designing and Building a Great Fly Rod
with Jeff Blood

Jeff Blood a lifelong fly fisher talks about what it takes to design and build a commercial fly rod. He'll dispell the myths and sweep away the smoke and mirrors of advertising to get down to what really makes a fly rod great.

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Great show Jeff Blood gave sound info regarding all rods. Thanks for having him.

  Rafael Torres
United States

I appreciate hearing some inside insights into the complex world of flyrod design, manufacturing, marketing. It would be nice to further this discussion and where the world of flyrods is going into the future.

  Gordon L
United States

Commonsense approach to selecting a fly rod. Price is no factor in rod selection.

  James Mossor
West Virginia
United States

Great show as usual and the first time I had a chance to listen to it live infact you asked both questions I submitted. I built several flyrods in my day and what I should of asked was about all cork handles with the single ring that locks the reel to the rod. Although in a round about way he answered it by talking about slow action rods. I can not wait for Gary Borgers show in my opinion he is the best. I hope someday that you can get Davie McPhail (tyer from scotland) to do a show or Steve RayJeffe best caster of all times and GLoomis Prostaffer in Rod Design on your show. Roger I enjoyed it like I always do keep up the good work!

  Daniel Gonsalves
United States

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