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Fishing Baja's Sea of Cortez
with Jay Murakoshi

Jay Murakoshi has spent the last 31 years developing his expertise in fishing for dorado, roosterfish, jacks and tuna in Baja's Sea of Cortez. Listen in to learn his secrets.

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Well Done Jay, Roger and Don I had a novice sitting next to me on the tying bench as we were listening and you put it words that even He (a beginner) could understand . Excellent Show !

  Brad Blancett
United States

Very nicely done and very informative. I was particulary instrested in how Jay set up his rod, line, leaders and tippets. He covered them very well! Thanks!

  L. Scott Stevenson
United States

Great and educational. The wonderful thing was that the things learned could be applied to areas that I fish. Thank you.

  Seymour Algus
New York
United States

Having barely "cut my teeth" on fly-fishing for cold-water species (trout) and having only been warm-water fishing once (bluegill/bass--with no luck! :-< ), I have no interest--or the financial means available--to pursue saltwater fly fishing at this time. Thanks.

  Les Bouck
United States

I thought it was a great show answering every question I could have about fly fishing in the Sea of Cortez. Not sure when I'll be able to make my way down there but it does sound amazing.

  John Matthew IV

I just listened to the Baja and the Bonefishing shows and I give you high marks for the interviews. Very enjoyable and the listener actually feels like they are at the destination. The questions are good and by the end of the 90 minutes the topic is covered comprehensively. I would not make the show any less in terms of time and 90 minutes is about right if not hopefully even a little longer. Congratulations as I think you have a real winner here.

United States

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