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Trout Sense
with Jason Randall

Jason Randall will share with us what trout see, hear and smell. The more you know about trout the more fish you'll catch. Listen in to learn more about what's going on under the water.

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He was very good. Helped a lot to understand better the perspective of a fish and what's important to them to help better present a fly.

  Lanford Pritchett
United States

I have been a loyal listener for awhile...there have been so many great shows over the years...and Trout Sense was one of the best...Jason Randall was informative and insightful and provided a fresh perspective on art of fly fishing. Off the top of my head...the only way you could get more information to listeners would be to have a brook, rainbow or brown trout as a guest. Now that would be something, eh! Carl from Connecticut

  Carl Ochnio
United States

Jason is in error in his conclusions regarding ultraviolet light and trout vision. The scientific community does not agree that ultraviolet vision is not a significant part of the trout's world. In fact, no formal behavioral studies of trout feeding and UV vision have been performed. Even if trout lose their UV-specific cones during smoltification, the Red, Green, and Blue cones have a secondary peak in the ultraviolet; these cones are able to provide significant UV input. See for details. Because adult humans lack - usually - UV vision, we tend to think of it as a separate band. To the trout it is just another color. However, as the insects that a trout preys upon, such as mayflies, have strong UV markings, it behooves the angler to apply those markings when tying his flies. Jason also neglected to examine UV at dusk, dawn, and night. These are significant periods during which large trout come out to feed. The rods of their retinas are particularly sensitive to the ultraviolet light that comprises a significant percentage of available light at those times. Hopefully, Mr. Randall will re-examine the matter of UV vision in trout for the next edition of his book.

  Reed Curry
New Hampshire
United States

Roger & Jason, I truly enjoyed this show and learned a lot about trout and their environment. I've been a bit skeptical about all the hype around UV tying materials and thought Jason's discussion about this was spot on. Thanks for the very informative show!

  Dean Wormell
United States

A real learning show thank you.

  gerry langan
United States

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