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Moving Water: A Fly Fisher's Guide to Current
with Jason Randall

Jason Randall has done a thorough study of the effect of current on trout, their prey species and presentation. Learn how to deal with vertical layers of current that create drag and the adjustments required to improve nymph fishing success.

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This is a very useful tip. All streamer flies should be tied with a short shank hook because all predators from Trout to tuna with the exception of blue fish always strike from the head of the fly. The classic wooly bugger will work better if you just tie olive hackle feathers with some flash on a short shank hook. Try it you will no longer get what you perceived to be a short strike.

  Gary Peterson
New Jersey
United States

I liked it it was fine. Thanks for the information.

  Randy Pitt
United States

Excellent show

  Bill Thomas
North Carolina
United States

Thanks Brian for all your great info, answered a lot of situations that has frustrated me in the past, thanks Roger for another great show.

  Anthony Scotto
United States

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