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Casting, Mending, and Presentation for Difficult Angling Situations
with Jason Borger

The challenge of fly fishing can increase dramatically when conditions become difficult. Whether it be due to weather, water, cover, hatches, distance, or a combination of those factors, when the angling gets tough, it pays to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Learn from Jason about ways to make difficult angling situations easier and more productive.

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Comment   Listener

I enjoyed the show, it was great.

  Michael May
United States

Great Show very interesting and informative. A casual just talking approach conveys the information in an easy to follow format. This approach is like sitting around the stove at the fly shop comparing notes and gathering information from the experts. Thanks for the help great speaker.

  Earl Schenberg
United States

This was one of your WINNERS. Nice to have Jason on again. Oh Thanks for the Gift!

  Allen Crise
United States

A terrific show with a great guest. I learned a lot while finding out how much I don't know or hadn't even thought about yet. Am looking forward to hearing Jason's Dad too. His was my very first introduction to fly tying videos.

  Robert James

Hay guys and Jason, great show! I always enjoy listening to Jason. He has a lot of great insight from obviouslly years of experience. I appreciate him answering my question I posted. It was very helpful and I'll be practicing out in the yard this fall being fishing will be a little tuff with the flooding we had. Also sorry for my excitement, I was the one that answered the question about the name of the book, but in my excitemnet to get it posted I forgot to put my name in. I'll work on staying calm on the net and on the water. Take care and I look forward to catching Gary Borger's show. I have never heard him talk before. Take care and as always your friend from Kasson Minnesota. Fly Fisherman Phil

  Phil Pankow
United States

Thank you for having Jason Borger on your show again. It was probably the best so far. Being from the middle of Kansas, it is difficult to get answers to the kinds of questions you discussed last night. Keep up the good work.

  Bob Fink
United States

I have his book and it was great to put a voice to his writtings. I think his book is excellent and I will wait for his DVD on casting.

  William Heffner
United States

Great show, boy does he sound like his dad.

  Brian Adams
United States

Best show yet.

  William Griffith
United States

I enjoyed the show. I ordered his book recently so was excited to hear what he had to say. I have listened to three of his presentations on your show and have enjoyed each one. Thanks for making this information available.

  Jack Grover
United States


  Mike Realon
North Carolina
United States

We found your show very interesting and informative. It was very easy to listen to. We look forward to future shows and have them logged into our calendar. Thank you for all you do.

  Ed & Patty Gnuse
United States

EXCELLENT, AS ARE MOST. It would be helpful if we were able to see illustrations or short videos to illustrate technique - of course, that is what the books are for - just cannot buy and read each authors products.

  Bob Nunn
New Jersey
United States

Jason is always great to listen to. I learn so much from him.

  Randy Kadish
New York
United States

Yet another awesome show with Jason! I can't wait to hear his father speak next time. Jason is always very precise in his descriptions and I can listen to them many, many times (and have to, in order for me to get them to sink in properly....) Accuracy is key to a good fly fisherman and it is always a pleasure to hear Jason speak about how to get better.

  Mark Mathews
United States

Once again, Jason is a joy to listen to about this important subject. Fly fishing. Hey it was great...Thank you,

  Drew Friedrichs
United States

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