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Jack Dennis

Jack Dennis

Jack Dennis' professional fly fishing career began at the age of 12 when he sold his first flies. He started guiding visiting anglers at the age of 14 and continued to do so for a number of years. He now continues to run his fly fishing guide business whose clients include U.S. presidents, sports figures, movie stars and current Vice President Dick Cheney.

At 19, Jack opened his first fishing tackle business in Jackson, Wyoming, which has become a well-known international fly fishing emporium. Outside magazine picked Jack Dennis Outdoor shop as the best fly shop in America in their 2001 "best of the best" issue.

Jack's books, Western Trout Fly Tying Manual, Volumes I and II, have sold over 300,000 copies, making them some of the best known fly fishing books in the world. He has also produced 22 fly fishing video tapes and DVD's that have received critical acclaim throughout the fly fishing world. Jack's newest book is Tying Flies with Jack Dennis and Friends has been a best seller in fly fishing books.

Jack's fame as an expert fly fisherman continues to grow. He has appeared in a number of fishing shows, some of which have won awards. He is presently is the co-host of the series FLY FISH on the cable Outdoor Life Network Channel, which features Jack teaching fly fishing techniques in some the West's best streams.

In the fall and winter months, Jack is found on the lecture tour giving programs to fishing clubs, sports shows and civic groups throughout the United States and the World. Cortland Line Company appointed him their fly fishing spokesman 9 years ago. Jack has been involved for years with the development of tackle, endorsing such companies as Abel Reels, Simms, Adventure Hardware, Action Optics, Umpqua Feather Merchants, Frontiers Travel and Thomas and Thomas fly rods.

When you’re in the store in the summer stop in and see Jack, he’d love to talk with you.

Jack commonly speaks at clubs and functions throughout the country. If you would like for him to speak at your fly fishing function please contact him through his web site.

For more information on Jack's pro fly shop, guiding service, and fly fishing gear visit his web site at

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