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Southern Appalachia Trout Fishing
with Ian Rutter

The Great Smoky Mountains, Catalouchee Creek, Hazel Creek, Abrams Creek and down to the tailwaters of the Nantahalla River Ian Rutter has fished it all. Listen to Ian share his secrets and life long love for this beautiful fly fising haven.

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I really enjoyed the show, the timing could not of been better because my family and I are heading to the smokies this Friday!

  Travis Dailey
United States

Like he does in his books, Ian just oozes predatory "fish smarts." Great show!

  Tom Chandler
United States

I haven't listened to the show yet but I will. If it is like some of the others I have listened to like the shows on Bonefishing, Red fishing and others Im sure it will be fun and informative like the others. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  Shawn Hayes
United States

Mr. Rutter provided a lot of useful information about fly-fishing the streams of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I relly enjoyed the show and hope that you will have him on in the future.

  David Grubb
North Carolina
United States

Hey...I like all of your shows......

  Rob Edwards
United States

Another good program. Entertaining and informative.

  Royce E. Van Blaricome
United States

Yet another great show. Ian obviously knows his area. Even though that part of the country is probably not as popular a fly fishing destination as other places, it sounds like a place worth checking out. Keep up the wonderful work producing the shows. As I said in my previous comments, having the quality of fly fishermen that you do on the show, and the fact that you have 90 minutes to explore with the guests, makes it the best podcast in the country.

  Mark Mathews
United States

I really enjoyed the show. I have a trip planned this summer down to the Smokies, so the information was very valuable.

  Mike Hendrick
United States

Hi, your Show is the BEST I have learned much - Keep up the Great Work!!!!!!

  Philip Koban
United States

I enjoy your show.

  Jerry Crisp
United States

Ian, Great show. I fished the Townsend area last year, and loved it. I am planning a trip their in the Spring, and will use a lot of ideas you spoke about on this show. I hope you do this again.

  Bob Todd
United States

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