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Sodium Free Stripers
with Henry Cowen

Henry Cowen has been pursuing striped bass for over 30 years in both salt water and fresh water. Join us to find out how Henry finds, hooks and lands these freshwater giants.

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Great show. Henry is very knowledgeable and down to earth. His enthusiastic and witty conversation about striper fishing proves his confidence and knowledge of the subject.

  Chris Smith
United States

Very informative and interesting broadcast. Mr. Cowen is clearly an expert guide and a very effective communicator. I am mostly a small-stream fisherman but nonetheless I was enlightened with the similarities and differences of small stream techniques versus fly fishing for stripers in lakes and rivers.

  Rocco Pugliese
New York
United States

I thought Henry was very knowledgeable and explained things orderly and entertaining. I've been to a couple of his talks on stripe fishing and carp fishing. He's a fun interesting guy that often give fishing reports and just shoots the bull on outdoor radio programs around Atlanta.

  Danny Rock
United States

Great show! Lots of good information that I hope to apply successfully whereever Stripers and hybird stripers are found in fresh water.

  Phil McCartney
United States

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