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Fly Fishing Streams for Smallmouth Bass
with Harry Murray

Harry Murray has been fly fishing, guiding and teaching others about smallmouth bass most of his life. You'll find his practical approach to finding and hooking up with these exciting fish an enlightening experience. Listen in and learn his secrets.

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Great show. I've had the pleasure of meeting Harry, visiting his fly shop, buying equipment from him. His knowledge is outstanding. I look forward to my next trip to Edinburg.

  Joseph Gerace
New Jersey
United States

Great show. Harry exudes enthusiasm when it comes to fly fishing for Smallies.

  Phil Pankow
United States

Geat show. Very usefull and right to the point.

  Luis Santiago
United States

Great show! It was nice to hear about East Coast bass flyfishing! Harry is quite the guru when it come to smallmouth on the long rod. I really enjoyed listening! I'm a big fan of the show!

  Dave Pelachik
United States

Loved the show, great info, thanks for using some of my questions!

  Bob Garman
United States

Good show, had some good info. Will be back for the next one. Harry is one the greats, met him at our conclave 6 years ago.

  Rudy Rios
New Mexico
United States

I can tell you from experience that Mr. Butts is the real deal! I contacted him by email and he has spent an unbelievable amount of hours discussing stripers fishing with me. From equipment, to fly lines, fly tying, and fly patterns, along with methods to use on my local lakes. Bottom line I have caught fish as a result. In return this will help produce fish for my clients a win win situation for all. Can't wait to read the book Bill. Thank you!

  Bob Santangelo
United States

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