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Fly Fishing for Steelhead - Queen Charlotte Islands and the Dean River
with Greg Thomas

Greg Thomas pursues wild steelhead in out of the way places, with a focus on British Columbia. Recently he's fished the Queen Charlotte Islands and the central British Columbia coast. In July he lucked into the best week in 10 years on the Dean River and had 17 fish to the beach in three days. Listen to Thomas' adventures and you'll learn how to reach these unique fisheries where 10-to 20-pound wild steelhead can be found, often in good numbers.

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I liked the show very much. I did not listen the day of the show, I just found the website and listened to a few in the archive including this one. I thought it was very informing, now being from PA, I don't think I will get a chance to go out west or to BC to fish for steelhead BUT I do want to listen to those who do and to see what I can learn to try it here in PA up at Erie. It is always good to gather as much information as you can. I love listening to the archived shows when I am tying, it is that time of year to ty them up.

  William Erney
United States

I thought this was an excellent broadcast. Firstly, the Dean and the Queen Charlottes are closer to my Canadian backyard here in British Columbia than many of your listeners so I could picture what Greg was talking about. Secondly, perhaps because of Greg's skills with language, he was able to describe his experiences in living color. He knew his facts too with regard to lodging, costs, access and similar points. It is a bit of a challenge to go to the Dean and to the Charlottes for that matter. Logistics are important. The Dean is wild grizzly bear country and you ought not be there unless you have a ton of experience or unless you are with a guide. If you go first class or in a five star set up, it will cost you serious dollars, as Greg mentioned. There are less expensive options though and if you can get by without French wines and prime rib for dinner, these should be considered. There are a few private clubs on the Dean that will host you for an entire week for about $2 thousand. It was a great broadcast though and I look forward to a few more like it. Keep up the good work.

  Philip Burden
British Columbia
United States

I really enjoyed the show. To think you can get those big monsters on the same flies that we use for steelhead. I would have liked to ask him if they ever used sculpin patterns. Can't wait for the next one

  mike giavedoni

Enjoyed the show. This is a dream trip for me when I have the $$$$.

  Dean Wormell
United States

Way cool!

  bert thorne
United States

Really enjoyed the show tonight. Thank you Roger and Pudge. Very informative!

  Lane Mortensen
United States

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