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Strip-Set: Fly-Fishing Techniques, Tactics and Patterns for Streamers
with George Daniel

George Daniel a professional guide and competitive fly fisher will take you on an exciting journey with streamers. He'll explain how to read the water, trout behavior, equipment, casting and night fishing as well as discuss some of the best streamer patterns being used today.

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George Daniels is awesome. He has been a guest speaker at our fly fishing club, and he is a wonderful teacher. His attention to detail is greatly instructive. The strip setting technique he just spoke of on your show was very helpful. Thank you.

  Bruce Granquist
United States

I listened to the show on the bank of Lewiston Lake after beaching my float tube and finding a wi fi place. I enjoyed it particularly because the subject was exactly the kind of fishing that I have been doing - streamers in lakes. Good show.

  Larry Murphy
United States

Good show. George started to answer my question as to when to use a woolly bugger versus a classic steam er but I believe he misunderstood my question. But overall it was one of the best shows to date.

  Gene Cyprych
United States

The show was helpful, as I don't do that much streamer fishing. So, I may try some of the things I learned.

  Roger Campbell
United States

I always enjoy programs by George Daniel. He always gives information freely and keeps the program moving with related stories or examples.

  Jim George
United States

Excellent show. Lots of great streamer fishing info. "bite window" comment extremely interesting

  Bill Wobbekind
United States

I enjoyed the program. Discussion of praticular fly choices. George history of Pa.

  Danny Rock
United States

I enjoyed the show. George did well in answering my question. He certainly piqued my interest in trying a new method. I have tied several streamers, but until now they have languished in my fly boxes. I will swim them around with some idea of ways to try them now.

  Tim Keller
United States

I enjoyed this show. It was enlightening about use of simple flies. Gave me good ideas of some changes and new approaches to make.

  Richard Meeks
North Carolina
United States

Thanks, Roger, I really enjoyed this program and I had recently listened to Gary Borger's program on designing flies. What a contrast/comparison. Both were great. I will work on simplifying my flies and more importantly, work on better presentation.

  Charles Andre
United States

Great show!!!

  Harold Eckett
New Jersey
United States

I listened to the show today, 10/24, so my comments are late. I began fly tying again a year ago, after an unsuccessful attempt many years ago, as a young man. I'm having good success with tying now. It's good to know that flies don't have to be complicated to catch fish, especially for beginners in fly tying. Good show.

  Roger Campbell
United States

Great show! Lots of information on tying and fishing effectively with less fuss.

  Frederic Thorner
New York
United States

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