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Dynamic Nymphing
with George Daniel

George Daniel, a competitive fly fisher has effectively used just about every nymphing technique there is. He's been to Europe and competed against some of the best European fly fishers in the game. He's observed, learned and applied the best techniques to his craft. Listen in to learn George's nymphing techniques and you'll be a better fly fisher for it.

Show Reviews

Comment   Listener

Great show! Very informative and a pleasure to learn some more about the various nymphing techniques. Thanks!

  Bryan Gover
United States

It was a 4 1/2 page note taking show. Amazing show and great information. But I would like compensation for the cramps in my writing hand. Your Friend Fly Fisherman Phil

  Phil Pankow
United States

Clear,organized, informative with useful provocative information. In the top 10% of your speakers.

New Jersey
United States

VERY informative. Articulate speaker. Thanks.

  Larry Hull
United States

I've ordered but have yet to receive George Daniel's book on Dynamic Nymphing, so I was especially interested to hear what he had to say about this topic in anticipation of cracking the book. He obviously has a range and depth of knowledge that we mortal fly fishers only dream about. I was especially interested to listen to the way he combined the thingamabobber with the french nymphing "curlycue" as a directional device to determine what was happening with the subsurface drift. I will certainly be giving that a try during steelhead season.

  Scott Flear

I have yet to listen to one of your shows that i didn"t ask the right questions and get as much info as possible by a talk show..My wife hates it as I log on every night and totally avoid her for 2hrs...Oh well i just love Fly Fishing..thanks for you show!!! Just got back from fishing Tierra del Fuego for sea run browns...what a trip

  stephen white
New Mexico
United States

I thought the dynamic nymphing show was great. George Daniel was very knowledgeable and was interesting to listen to.

  Tim D'Avis
United States

Great show, should help me to be a better sub-surface fisherman. Can't wait to read his book. Thanks

  Greg LaFortune
United States

Excellent presentation. I have his book & it's by far the best available on the topic. Here are a couple tips for the mini tippet rings. You can get them at - p/n LL-295020-0000. As to how to handle them, I use something sometimes called EZ-hook pliers. Again, it can be obtained at JS - p/n OF-900550-0000. Tie a string to it and you can carry on the stream via a zinger. It can also be used to pick out small flies from your box or to hold flies while tying it to your leader. Very useful tool. With this tool even you, over 50 like me, can handle the rings. But, truthfully I try to avoid futzing with them on the stream, preferring to carry pre-rigged systems.

  Leo Rouillard
United States

Great broadcast. I have been curious about Euronymphing and George Daniel was very informative. Keep up the good work with

  James Slay
United States

Roger , I enjoy your shows very much. I've listened to some of your past shows even a second time although I havn't lately cause I'm not a subscriber , I have to watch my pennies since I'm now on SS. I try not to miss any of your shows , keep up the GOOD work.

  Joe Valkoun
United States

I was never so wrong when I ask refered to one of his approaches as old school! I googled his name and seen some of his video clips and didn't spot a strike indicator(must be old age). He is totally a new kind of flyfisherman with is methods. I must admit I was lost when he discribed some of his techniques especially when he described how he made his twirl portion of his leader with a dowl and heat. From Rogers tone of voice replying to some of George's techniques you can tell that he was going to confuse some of his audiance. I will have to relisten to the broadcast when I have some time to consentrate on some of his techniques. Besides his leader building techniques I did understand the actual nymphing techniques that he spoke about. When fishing in competition he used a lot of emphasis on time which I understand. The show itself was very good and I will relisten to further understand him.

  Daniel Gonsalves
United States

Thanks, Mike. I'd love to fish the Truckee with you. Hope I can hire you this summer.

  Jerry Stemach
United States

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