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Designing Trout Flies
with Gary Borger

Gary Borger literally wrote the book on designing trout flies so he knows his subject well. Gary's background as a biologist provides him with an approach to designing flies that few fly fishers can claim. Join Gary to find out what makes a fly a successful fly that can catch fish.

Show Reviews

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Great show. Gary has been a staple of information for me for since the mid 80s. I never get tired of listening to his ideas and learn something - or a lot of things - every time I hear him.

  Lance Hankins
United States

Wow, another great show. Very informative with lots of great suggestions. Keep up the stream of great speakers. It is very exciting to have the chance to hear some of the real experts as well as personalities of the fly fishing world no matter where one lives. Most of us would not have the opportunity of listen to these folks if not for this format. Thanks your broadcasts.

  Earl Schenberg
United States

Awsome show! It's very nice being able to listen to an expert and then actually have your question answered on the air. Mr. Borger was very patient with his answers and was able to let us, the listeners, paint a very clear picture.

  Patty Gnuse
United States

Great show! Colors! Florescent orange spinners at evening. I learned a lot while reinforcing some things already knew. I sure hope that Oliver Edwards and Shane Stalcup were listening!

  Scott W. Nelson
United States

Your show with Gary Borger was very intriging. I learned a couple things I did not know about flies/colors/size/shapes .....Thank you for having him on the show.

  Michael Norton
New York
United States

Yet another awesome show, Roger. I am gonna listen to it ten times, or more! Jason's dad is more amazing than he is. Maybe it's because he's been around longer, but maybe it's because I am so interested in tying, too. The two of them even sound alike.It's always refreshing to see people with that kind of passion for something. I am a design architect and I feel that about my work, as well as my fly fishing. I continue to be amazed at how you do this show, especially without Don to help you. The other fly fishing podcasts are lightyears behind you, if they make it on the air at all. Thanks for making me a better fly fisher and keeping my passion simmering when I am not able to get out to fish.

  Mark Mathews
United States

Was only able to catch part of it, and loved it! Can't go wrong with either Borger. Thanks!

  Barbara Hulett
United States

Great show, once again. I learned so much from Gary, even more than from his son, Jason. What a great family! I wish they would adopt me. Again, Roger, I really appreciate the effort that you go to to bring us such awesome shows. If you write a book, I will buy it. I already have one by Gary and I ordered Jason's book, too. Thanks so much.

  mark mathews
United States

Another very interesting, educational and entertaining show. Hearing questions and getting experienced answers to these questions is great. Thank you.

  Bob Fink
United States

l like the way you're doing the show. l also know designing trout flies very well, thank you.

  samuel okoko

Hi Guys, I generally really enjoy your shows, even those relative to fishing types that i will likely never get a chance to try. Due to life style and other commitments i can never catch you 'live' at 6 pm PST so i really look forward to downloading the podcast and then listening to them while I am on the road. Best wishes and keep up the good work.

  Phil Edwards
British Columbia

Full of design pearls - many ideas for modifying size, color and material. I particularly liked the discussion on light wave frequency changing with the time of day, water depth, and how light is piped down certain wing material.

  Bob Nunn
New Jersey
United States

Really enjoyed the rebroadcast of the program with Gary Borger and his insights of fly design and tying. He really answered some questions that I had as to why I'm successful on streams but have significantly less success on lake waters. Keep up the good work!

  Gary Weigel
United States

Great show! Professor Borger was entertaining and enlightening. What more could you ask of a teacher.

  Thomas Sipe
United States

Excellent, practical info, Gary. Much appreciated. I first learnt of your father from Youtube a few years ago - watched nearly all of them. He is a great teacher, especially welcome for a newbie like me.

  paul watkins

Sorry, Gary - thought you were Jason! Great show, and I've love your youtube videos - much appreciate.

  paul watkins

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