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The Angler as Predator
with Gary Borger

Gary Borger explores the angler as predator. As successful fly fishers, we need to play the role of the predator, focusing closely on the fish’s ability to sense its environment. What kind of predator are you? Join us and find out...

Show Reviews

Comment   Listener

Great show, Always enjoy listening to Gary.Thanks for the entertainment.

  Rick Roberts
United States

Enjoyed the program very much.

  Randall Thorpe
United States

Great show Roger you do a great interview and Gary breaks every point down which makes flyfishing easy to understand.

  Anthony Scotto
United States

Excellent show on fish as predators with Gary Borger. Great educational and thought inspiring information for any fisherman.

  Bill Butts
United States

Interesting show, enjoyed the fact you even answered the question I sent in.

  Tim Knight
United States

The show was great, Gary always has interesting things to say. Thanks

  Walt Cole
United States

Gary Borger is one of your most interesting and articulate guests. I ALWAYS learn something from him. This was an excellent show-guest and host alike. All Borger (either of them) all the time would be fine with me.

  dan crothers
North Dakota
United States

Great show. I want to build my own rod.

  Rick Smith
United States

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