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Long Flies for Big Fish
with Gary Borger

Gary Borger knows that fishing long flies holds the greatest opportunity for the fly rodder to take big fish in any water type. Listen in to find out Gary’s secrets about long flies and how to fish them including tactics such as the Broadside Float, the Leisenring Lift, Shotgunning, the Jigging Swing, and many other methods.

Show Reviews

Comment   Listener

It was an hour and a half wasn't it? Sure went by fast. I'll be back..thanks.

  Tom Gibbons
United States

Only managed to catch half the show live so will have to catch the first have when the podcast comes out. Gary has a lot of valuable insights from his years of fishing and it was great to have him share some of them on long flies with us. Picked up some pointers that are sure to be useful. Thnks for another great show.

  Doug McLean

A great show, filled with valuable information. The thing I admire most about Gary Borger is that although he is incredibly knowledgeable, he is also very open minded about different methods of fishing. That's a rare quality which enables a teacher to keep learning and exploring.

  Frederic Thorner
New York
United States

It was good, but.... I was a bit disappointed that he didn't get deeper into the subject: jointed vs straight flies, hackles vs marabou vs hair vs zonker strips, different retrieves, best places to fish long flies, variable attraction/effectiveness re the different species.

  Gary Soucie
United States

Good show, I've sit in on a seminar by Gary before. He is very knowledgable.

  Randall Thorpe
United States

Gary Borger is always a very knowledgeable guest and someone I been reading his articles for a very long time. I will be going to Hasting Books to pickup or order it.

  Daniel Gonsalves
United States

One of your BEST shows ever. Of course, I'm a streamer guy, so I'm naturally inclined to be interested. But, Gary was well-prepared and articulate. He gave good explanations of not only different types of streamers, but how to present them effectively. etc. etc. GREAT show.

  Larry Hull
United States

I listned to the show. I had the privilege to hear Gary speak at our Club meeting two days prior the the show. He shared some great information and is a great speaker. I highly recommend to anyone to see him in person if you have the chance. He is a very down to earth guy and is willing to share his knowledge as you heard in the show. I looke forward to hearing Gary on the show again in the future.

  Sam Brown
United States

Very informative show. Enjoyed it very much! Very interested in all aspects of tying but spend the most time on the full dress classic salmon flies, their histories and tyers. Will be looking to pick up Mike's new book as soon as possible. Mike flies are a big inspiration to improve my tying skills. Thanks for all your work in producing such a great show!!

  Jeff D'Amico
United States

Enjoyed your last show very much. Thanks.

  Ed Filice
United States

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