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Common Sense Fly Fishing
with Eric Stroup

Eric Sroup is a professional guide and he's determined to make his fly fishing clients successful on every trip. Listen in as Eric shares the same information he shares with his clients everyday on how to catch more trout - practical common sense techniques.

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For me this was one of the premier shows. Good organized thoughts, - easily understood principles and tips. Would like him on again soon.

  Bob Nunn
New Jersey
United States

Very enjoyable. Very informative.

  Larry Reed
United States

I got home too late so i'm really glad that I can listen to it on a later time. I'm glad i did catch the end of the show when he said about hares ear nymph one of my favorite flies. This will give me more confidence to use it. I can't wait for the stripped bass on your next show. Another of my favorite is to chase these guys.

  Peter Molina
New York
United States

I enjoyed Eric's insight on how to use your common sense to fish. Emphasis on presentation confirms my belief. His illustration of proper drift is helpful. Good show.

  Gary Lacy
United States

Realy informitive, answered my questions and then some.I actually have been digesting some of the info. the next day and plan on re-visiting the show later to hear what I missed. I'd love to fish and expand my knowledge with Eric. COOL SHOW...

  David Wrona
United States

Always a great show with lots of tips. Bought Stroup's book after listening to a podcast.

  Patrick McElhone
United States

Very informative,I realy enjoyed the show. Thanks for putting all great teachers on one web siteof these

  Jorge Reyes
United States

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