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Giant Homosassa Tarpon
with Earl Waters

Capt. Earl Waters, a Florida native, has been chasing and catching the giant Homosassa tarpon for over 25 years. Learn his secrets on hooking up and landing these incredible trophies.

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Great show (as usual). Please keep them comming.

  Barry Caldwell
United States

Another great show ! Time flies by ( no pun intended ) while listening to them. Thanks for the FFF prize !

  Grant Dixon
British Columbia

Great show guys, if I ever do the salt water thing, it'll really help. I'm looking forward to the next show as it is more up my ally! Keep up the good work.

  Dave George
United States

I really enjoyed this last show featuring Capt. Earl Waters. I'm also an affiliate and I've posted some additional comments and links to your site on my blog, The Vieques Angler. You can check them out here: Keep up the great interviews and I'll look forward to hearing more in the future.

  Gregg McKee
Puerto Rico
United States

Not a big saltwater fly fisherman....However, I really enjoyed the show...There are always little tid bits that are of value...

  Dave Warner
United States

Excellent show. To be honest I listened in knowing nothing about fly fishing for tarpon but came away with a better appreciation for it. Can't wait til the next show.

  Camilo Santana
United States

Great show guys! as always, very informative, fun, and interesting.

  Jared Sartini
United States

I very much enjoyed this show, Earl Waters provided a wealth of information on behavior, rigs, fly patterns and colors, very informative. I plan on fishing the Homosassa tarpon run this year with my new chartreuse toads!! Great show. Note: It would be nice if Ask about Fly Fishing could do more shows on saltwater fly fishing opportunities esp. in the Gulf and caribbean waters.

  Ron Markus
United States

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