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Improving Your Casting Fundamentals to Catch More Fish
with Dusty Wissmath

Dusty Wissmath, a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor, will explore the fundamentals of casting that are so important to catching more fish. Are you struggling with a castitng problem? Here's your chance to ask a question of one of the best casting instructors around.

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Great show ... keep up the good work !!!

  James Page II
United States

Roger, just finished listening to the show. I can sum it up in one word - outstanding! Dusty reinforced for me the things that are right about my casting and gave me some things to think about to make some improvements.

  Dave Rosset
United States

Good show, but video would be helpful.

  Julian Gomez
United States

I thought the show was awesome. I am a new comer to the sport and can't get enough of fly fishing talk!! Dusty has a great style for teaching and I learned a lot from listening to him talk about the basics of good casting. I love listening to your radio show!!! Keeps me in the spirit of fly fishing all day. Keep up the great work!!

  Chris Fairchild
United States

Great show Roger bring him back soon.

  Silas Gray
United States

I didn't listen to the entire broadcast but what I heard I was able to pickup some good tips. This is a great site. Keep it up. Thanks

  George Siewerd
United States


United States

Thanks for the great job you do. The show with Dusty was very informative. There is nothing like being reminded of the basics and learning a new trick or two at the same time. All of the information is definitly of value whether I am floating the Upper Colorado for wild Browns, casting to Perch and Pike in the North Woods of Wisconsin or knee deep in a local TN stream fishing for Smallies. All of which I have done in the last three weeks. Thanks for a great show.

  Steven Deblois
United States

Some of these presentations would really help to have a video feed for casting, knots, even reading a river. Even if you attached a PowerPoint presentation, it can have video inserted that people could follow along and use later.

  Bob Getz
United States

Good basic information about lines and rods and their balancing.. also, gave some good ideas to think about when casting.. hope to be able to put them to work.

  Frank Moss
United States

Another great show with a great guest. The only "problem" is that it's hard to visualize all of what he was saying.I had the same problem with Mac Brown last winter. Casting seems to be a subject that needs some sort of images. Thanks for the great show, I really look forward to each new show.

  Kyle Thompson
United States

I really enjoyed listening to the show. It is a great mixture of information and entertainment. Since I was introduced to flyfishing, I have been hooked. I am in a season of life that does not allow me to pursue this sport like I would like to so your program is a tremendous connection for me. Thank you.

  Gene Muckleroy
United States

I have not listened to any bad podcast. I have found all to be great. I listened to it on the way up to fish the stilly. enjoyed dusty's hints. I caught myself adjusting my cast all threw the morning and afternoon. I go away from each podcast enriched with new and old ideas. keep up the great work.

United States

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