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Trout - Hidden in Plain View
with Duane Redford

Duane Redford will delves into what the top 10% of anglers are seeing and doing differently from the fly fishing masses, and how they are consistently putting fish in the net in every situation. Join us and learn from a master angler how to increase your odds of catching more trout.

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I really enjoy Duan Redford and this is a show that can make anyone believe that they can catch a trout- and hey I live in Ohio!

  Jim Bissell
United States

I enjoyed the show immensely, and in fact purchased Duane's book. And I'm enjoying that too. Many thanks for the show.

  Lyndon Webb

This is one of the most technically oriented podcasts I've listened to. I listen to your podcasts multiple times realizing I miss some details. Duane Redford has included so many new things to consider. Thank you for your contributions to fly fishing.

  barry demmers
New Jersey
United States

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