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A Systematic Approach to Nymphing
with Duane Redford

Duane Redford developed a systematic approach to nymphing so that as a guide he could hook his clients up with fish even in the most harsh and competitive environments. Learn his step-by-step methods for getting the most out of nymphing.

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Great Show! As a former coach and high school teacher. I'll check out the Fly Fishers Playbook too!

  James Mamola
United States

Super show! I've never taken so many notes before. I'm ordering the book.

  Silas Gray
United States

Well Duane answered the question I posed very well. And i have put his technique into practice since the broadcast and have been fishing nymphs a lot better now than prior to the program, with more success than before . So thanks for picking my query out to ask Duane. James.

  James Mochan
United Kingdom

I enjoyed the show! As a high school teacher and former football coach, I can relate well to his systematic approach to nymphing,

  James Mamola
United States

Great Great Shows!! ...never seem to be available for the live broadcast...great that I can listen in when I can.....need more of Brian Chan!

  Terry Guest
British Columbia

Good Show with a lot of practical information.

  Frederic Thorner
New York
United States

Enjoyed Duane's approach. His advice on fishing a seam "inside to out" was right on. Thanks.

  Dick Walthers
United States

Hi Roger, Duane clearly knows what he is talking about. I'm an experienced fisherman and have fished the Deckers area for more than 20 years. I learned a great deal from your broadcast, and afterwards did so from Duane Redford's book as well.

  Matt Wilson
United States

Lots of info like always. I always feel the need to listen to the broadcasts 4-6 times to absorb all I can. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

  David Shubin
United States

Great show, especially the last 1/2 hour where you really got into talking a bit more about the system on the water. Also great stuff on how he rigs.

  Thomas Murphy
United States

Very informative - plan to buy the book. Better yet does Duane plan to make any videos on this topic? Please let me know...Thanks

  Ben Galizio
United States


  Terry Campbell
United States

I was most impressed with the show. I have let everyone in the Gem State Fly Fishers know about how intertaining the show was for me. As a wet fly fishermen, and likeing Cheronomid and leech patterns I though Duane was interesting. I rate him at a strong 9.

  Larry Roles
United States

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