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Ruby River Grayling
with Donna McDonald

Donna McDonald a professional guide and native of Montana has been actively involved with the reintroduction of grayling into the Ruby River. Join us and learn about this great fishery and fish.

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Donna did an excellent job. After listening to the show I now plan on making a trip to the upper section of the Ruby. You can be sure I will stop in at their shop.

  paul agidius
United States

I always enjoy the shows, even if I do not foresee when I might be able to fish the area that is the focus of the show. I believe that there are plenty of techniques discussed that translate well across all sorts of fishing situations.

  Phil McCartney
United States

Enjoyed it a lot. The speaker was knowledgeable.

  Gene Cyprych
United States

Great show about the Deschutes River from a great author - Scott Richmond. One of his books is a real gem.

  Scott W. Nelson
United States

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