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Floating Alaska! Self-Guided Fishing Expeditions
with Don Crane

Don Crane has floated many western US and Canadian rivers but Alaska's have always been at the top his list. Short on cash? Self-guided fishing expeditions may be the way to go. Listen in to hear Don tell you everything you need to know about putting together a productive, inexpensive and organized trip to Alaska.

Show Reviews

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I really enjoyed the show. A friend floated the Good News and really enjoyed it. I appreciate what you guys do.

  Treg Owings
United States

I thought the show was interesting. Some distinct possibilities for future trips to Alaska.

  Jerry Davis
United States

I thought it was a good show. Roger did his usual great job trying to facillitate the dicussion, but it was a bit frustrating as Don would seem to talk over Roger a lot. Good information though and keep up the good work!!!

  Dustin Olson
United States

Interesting show about floating AK. If I were a younger man I'd give it a try. The last time I was fishing AK, bears created few tense moments when the guide's engine wouldn't start and we were drifting into a momma bears turf.

  Skip Clement
United States

Hi very interesting, makes our fishing in the UK pretty tame, Don came over as a professional experirnced guide, and I would certainly feel good haveing someone like him around on such a trip. The series is super so keep up the good work. Best wishes from North of England

  steve Goodchild
United Kingdom

I've been planning a trip to Alaska so perfect timing. Very interesting information and looking forward to reading Don Crane's book. I'm usually working when you're broadcasting live so listen to the recorded sessions. Great Internet radio show to listen to.

  joe harpe
British Columbia

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