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Wild Rivers of Northern New Mexico
with Doc Thompson

Doc Thompson, a professional guide for 15 years, has been taking fly fishers to where the fish are in the wild rivers of northern New Mexico including the Rio Grande, Cimmaron and the Rio Castilla. Listen in to learn about these unique fisheries and how to fish them.

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Comment   Listener

I'm very new to the sport of fly fishing and this was my first time listening to the live broadcast. I never seem to get enough of fly fishing stories/information and this was an excellent show tonight!! Thank you so much for creating the opportunity for me to learn from some of the greats!!!

  Chris Fairchild
United States

It was a great show. You can tell Doc is really passionate about fly fishing in New Mexico and fly fishing in general.

  Phil Pankow
United States

Great show!!!!!! Doc Thompson is the Guide on the Northern NM streams and Rivers no doubt about it!!!! He knows these ares like no other!!!

  Rod Brashears
United States

Doc is a superb guide and teacher. He has extensive knowledge of Northern New Mexico and fly fishing in general. I have enjoyed the opportunity to fish with him on several occasions. I thought his presentation tonight was an excellent overview of fly fishing in Northern New Mexico.

  Ben Edwards
United States

Interesting. Heard some tactics I may apply on some of the small streams around Helena. Thanks.

  Jerry Davis
United States

Great interview with Doc. Really appreciated the detail on the hatches by month on the both the Cimarron and the Rio Costilla.

  Milt McConnell
New Mexico
United States

Great show! I wondering what you guys think about the fishing in Palau Micronesia. There is a new fly fishing business out there and after reading about Palau it seems it is one of the 7 water wonders of the world they must have some great fishing?

  John Perryman
United States

Good show. I had asked a few questions live online and Doc covered them nicely. Northern NM is on my "to do" list for this summer and I tagged a couple of places on my map. It's good to actually hear someone who fishes the water rather than travel and try to dig out info locally at the local tackle store...and you don't know where to start anyway(!). I plan to listen to it again while in my model shop working on planes.

  Rick Pangell
United States

My Wife and I camp in Northern New Mexico, and I fish the areas Doc talked about and found the show very imformative. Your shows are always first rate.

  Terry Young
United States

Enjoyed Doc Thompsons show -- been migrating off and on from Oklahoma to fish these rivers and others for several years -- Valle Vidal section of the Rio Castillo is one of my favorite places - wow are those little trout fast -- I wish I had listened to this podcast 10 years ago before I started fishing these waters -- it is hard to know what to do when you first start going -- his info was great -- thanks for providing this info -- I am downloading them from iTunes and listening to them on my way to my fishing holes

  Walter Pitts
United States

Excellent show and really excited to hear you guys talk about some small river and stream fishing from that part of the world. I try to get in a couple trips to southern Colorado, but hadn't thought about NM before. Well, not at least since my Philmont days. ;) Can't wait to make it down there and give your waters a try.

  Martin Kollman
United States

Great show. I have a freind that grew up in that part of the country and have thought about taking a fishing trip with him there. The show was quite helpful. Thanks

  Rich Femling
United States

Thanks for a most enjoyable trip down memory lane with Doc Thompson re: Trout fishing in New Mexico. I lived and fished the Rio Grande "box" , the pecos River, and a few other mountain streams in the mountains above Santa Fe in the 1950's and will never forget the experience. It's grand to know that sportsmen like Doc are keeping alive the spirit and challenge of New Mexico's great outdoor experienc.

  Bill McCandless
United States

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