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Permit on the Fly in Yucatan's Ascension Bay
with Dick Cameron

Dick Cameron has experienced over 800 permit landed and countless hundreds more hooked or near hooked either personally or through the accounts of his friends, clients and guides. To understand permit you need to be in the thick of them and Dick certainly is. Listen in to hear Dicks tips, tricks and secrets to getting hooked up with a permit.

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Good show very interesting...the sound was not a big problem ..

  Thomas Marks
New York
United States

This was the first time I listened in on your show, because it was very timely to me and my fishing buddies. We're planning a trip to Ascension Bay in mid March, staying at Pesca Maya Lodge. I'm an experienced bonefish fisher, having spent a lot of time fishing in the Turks and Caicos, and the Fla. Keys. But I've never had a chance at Permit. Hopefully we'll get a shot in a few weeks. Also fishing for bones, and maybe tarpon. So we're covering a lot of different species, with the special considerations that each requires for success. Even if we don't add Permit to our life list, I imagine we'll get some experience, for the next time we try! You know that saying: "Experience is what you get, when you don't get what you want!" At any rate,we found your program very informative and fun as well. Two of the four of us submitted questions re: line types and pattern colors. We've read everything we can get our hands on for this preparation, watched videos, and talked with people who've had the experience. Your show added another dimension, another perspective, which helped fill in a lot of voids. Thank you for providing this valuable service!

  Jack Price
United States

I liked this show...Dick is very conversant and easy to listen to. The questions were pertinent to the subject and well phrased.

  Edmund Hudon
United States

Great show, very informative! Thanks for doing these shows. Looking forward to more of them.

  Jonithan Brantley
United States

I just caught the last half of the show, thought it was great. I let a couple of fishing buddies know about the broadcast too. The cell phone reception problem was unfortunate; I appreciate that the host took the time to go back and cover the disrupted conversation, even though is slowed the pace of the show down, they frequently were about things I really wanted to hear about, so kudos to you for making the best out circumstances beyond your control.

  Jim Hawes
United States

The show as usual was spot on. Dick certainly knows his permit as well as the area. I think his comments regarding a visit to the area and the requirement to bring the proper flies was very important. An issue I faced my first visit to Ascension Bay. I continue to spread the word about your website to my flyfishing friends and thank you for all the information your shows provide. Looking forward to the next show and would like to know more about your ambitions for company.

  Scott Callahan
United States

Good show. Good info. I was wondering what method is used to select the questions that were asked? Random?

  Carl Zarelli
United States

I thought that it was very informative but about thirty minutes too long because I fell asleep and missed the last 30 min. It peeked my interest enough to look it up on the net. I'm quite interested in going there but have never done any salt water fishing. I need to get some more experience before I go. I'd give it a A- on the whole regardless of the bad wireless contact. Keep up the great interviews.

  Robert Carter
United States

The information re techniques, guides, species, flies, Punta Allen was spot on. I just retuned from a trip there in early February. I would emphasize, however, that Punta Allen is a fishing vllage and the atmosphere is third world in contrast to the beach, bar, and shopping scene of Cancun/Cozumel. The alternative attraction in the area consists of ecotourism, which probably draws an equal number of people as does the fly fishing. Great program; if this is the quality of your other broadcasts, I'll be listening again.

  Geraldo Vidergar
United States

I only heard the half of an hour of the show. But, the litlte I heard was full of information. Good show.

  Thomas Peña
New Mexico
United States

I just yesterday heard the steelhead show with Deck Hogan and it sure did change my mind set about how many fish I should expect to catch on an outing. It is going to help me greatly and lift me from my dismal experience to one of great hope. Thanks again.

  Frank Compton
United States

Loved it. Great info.

  Charlie Chambers
United States

Excellent broadcast--very informative and entertaining. I especially like the fact that Dick provided information on many of the opportunities to fly fish permit in Ascension Bay, not just those at the Palometa Club. I look forward to hearing future broadcasts.

  John Dailey
United States

Pretty good!

  Gary Eaton
United States

That was very good. Im going to Boca Paila in May. I have been reading a lot and picking brains to shorten my learning curve and this interview filled in some gaps. What you have created is awesome.

  Andy Meehan
United States

Great broadcast.After listening to show you can go to Yucatan's Ascension Bay with the right equipment and technique to hook up with Permit.

  Jim Mossor
West Virginia
United States

I just listened to the show. Great information. Outstanding, in fact. I really enjoyed the amount of information provided, tips on fishing and tackle and what to expect as well as the easy-going nature of your guest (and your interview style). I really love fly fishing most anywhere, but especially in salt water. Please continue to interview more guests like Dick. I am ready to sign up to go permit fishing now! All the best, Frank

  Frank Dalziel
British Columbia

Excellent show this time! Dick Cameron came across well and seems like a very nice fellow who's living his bliss. His advice was to the point without excessive fluff. I would love to book a trip.

  Silas Gray
United States

Awsome great tips.

  Paul Downey
United States

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