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Tactical Nymphing - Euro Style - Part II
with Devin Olsen

Devin Olsen, a medal winning member of Fly Fishing Team USA, shares the modern day nymphing techniques he and Lance Eagan use to catch fish in the European style. When competing on an international basis you have to be good and have to know how to adapt. We had so many questions on Devin's first show that we going at it again. Join us to continue this great topic.

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Absolutely outstanding. I consider myself an advanced fly fisherman. I always learn a few things from your shows, Expos, or reading. But the density of new and useful ideas was exceptionally high. EY

  Mark Spitz
United States

Great job - excellent coverage of the topic and explanations were very clear - Devin obviously prepared for the show.

  Eric Halloran
United States

Im a huge fan of Devin, watched his video at least a dozen times but got some new incites that I didn't get from the video. I am currently purchasing the entire euro set-up. For the cortland competition nymph rod 3wt 10'6", reel, backing, line and all the leader material as well as the putty your looking at $500. I've paid more then that for one sage rod. Great program, thank you

  Michael Wagner
United States

It was great. There two things though 1)there needs to be a third installment,and 2)I need to go back and listen to the first one again.

  Bernie Robidart
United States

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