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Pyramid Lake Cutthroats
with Denis Isbister

Denis Isbister travels the world in search of fish but Pyramid Lake is on his home turf. Join us on this show where Denis will talk about how to get the trophy Lahontan cutthroat trout on the fly, which call Pyramid Lake their home.

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Hi Roger, thanks for having a show about Pyramid Lake. Really enjoyed it and winning the dvd was an added benefit. My address is 27 E. Mayflower Lane, Whitehall Mt.

  Kenneth Bahr
United States

Denis gave us some good information. Pyramid Lake is on my Waters To Fish list.

  Jeff Gross
United States

Finally one that truly pertained to my near future plans. I fish one hell of a lot. But don't spent a lot of time near the Internet. Just happen to see this one. Enjoyed it ! When I tie flys I will have your archive playing in the back ground.


Interesting for sure. Thanks for another great show.

  Beverly Sullivan
United States

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