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Wet Fly Techniques for Big Trout
with Davy Wotton

Davy Wotton has caught a lot of big trout in the past 30 years and wet fly fishing in the traditional style is one of the biggest reasons for his success. Listen and find out about Davy's techniques and how to master them.

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Awesome and informative.

  Teresa VanWinkle
United States

Great show again, missed part doing homework with the kids; i will download and listen again well done, Roger.

  dan crothers
North Dakota
United States

I would have listened more intently but I have a paper due tonight and had to type as I listened. But it was great listening to Davy and I can't wait to get his DVD. Take care everyone and happy fly fishing. Fly Fisherman Phil

  Phil Pankow
United States

Davy is perhaps your most entertaining and informative guest. Please bring him back again! Thanks.

  Jim Washabaugh
United States

Great subject , wow, more considerations in equipment, lines, than I thought. I liked how he broke down the flies, the fishing styles, and , darn, it sounds like I should consider shopping for another rod! That was intersting , I never thought about the differnce a midflex , long rod with thin line would make..but it helps understand how can one give a fly way out there some action.

  Dan Sullivan
United States

I thought it was very informative. I'll see him at the Dec MSFF club meeting.

  Frank Adams
United States

I really enjoyed the shoe last night with Davy Wotton. I sure would like to see him back sometime in the future to talk more about night fishing and some of his techniques.

  Larry McNerney
United States

Great show!! Davy's breadth of knowledge on this topic was just amazing. I learned a lot. Thank you for having these.

  Phillip Peck
United States

Great Show. Fishing nymphs is my favorite. Thank Tou

  Bill Thomas
North Carolina
United States

He had some very good points. I enjoyed the show. I would still like you to interview Brian Chan, I know that you had Phil Rowley, but Brian can add a lot to that show.

  walt cole
United States

I was able to listen to a lot of it tonight. I really thought you all do a great job giving out info on each of the subjects you cover that night. I go back and listen to previous broadcasts and enjoy them just as much. keep up the great work.

  Robert Bucher
United States

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