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Why Did Dave Whitlock Move to Oklahoma?
with Dave Whitlock

Dave moved to Oklahoma for several reasons but the lower Illinois River is one of them where he caught 17 varieties of fish in one day. You won't want to miss this interview of one of fly fishing's most notable figures.

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Great show and especially the tip on obtaining "feather & fur" from restaurant coat rooms !!!! i'm going to try it while i'm wearing my PETA tee shirt.. :-)

  neil nishimura
United States

Wonderful production, Roger. Just could not resist having a little fun with my long-time fishing buddy, Dave Whitlock. Keep up the great work helping fellow-fly fishermen learn and enjoy our beloved sport!

  Bill Butts
United States

Great show!!I will listen to it again. Most informative...every flyfishing person whether novice or guide can learn from this show...

  Capt. Sid Caradine
United States

Dave Whitlock is great! Fine man and fine fisherman. Great show!!! Really enjoyed you bringing it to the internet.

  Joepaul Meyers
United States

It's my sincerest hope you folks can coax Dave Whitlock into returning again sometime soon! Such a terrific guest, thanks for the great show!!

  Rob Camenzind

Roger, you are improving in your interviewing skills and I applaud that! I say this because we want to hear less about what you think and more about what your guests think - especially guests at the level of Dave Whitlock! Thanks for getting him on your show.

  Eric Halloran
United States

I caught the show on a rebroadcast. l really enjoyed it. Our club, Arizona Flycasters, just had a speaker on the Arkansas area Dave came from .

  jim rubin
United States

What a fantastic show. Dave Whitlock is a true fly fishing ambassador. He has a humility and natural charm which makes everything he says compelling. He brilliantly strips trough the technical nonsense that is unfortunatley so abundant in the field! Thanks for the program!

  Kevin Brady
United States

Like there was ever a doubt ..all your shows are top shelf.

  Okey Williamson
West Virginia
United States

Great show. Dave has always been a big influence in my fishing. His knowledge of "cool water" fishing knows no bounds!

  Mike Rossi
United States

Great show. Since I live in Oklahoma, it was great to soak up some of Dave's expert knowledge. I hope to see him on the river some day. He is kind of like a rock star to fly fishing.

  Matt Blauch
United States

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