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Fly Fishing Art and Illustration
with Dave Whitlock

Dave Whitlock has been creating fly fishing fine art paintings and illustrating his books and articles for most of his life. Listen in to find out how Dave got started, how he creates and how he sells his artwork.

Show Reviews

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GREAT SHOW! Thanks Dave. It's just wonderful to hear you talk.

  Phil Pankow
United States

I enjoyed the show very much. I thought Dave was informative and he presented an interesting and different aspect to all that encompasses the pursuit of fly fishing.

  Terry Little
United States

The show was very well laid out, it was interesting to hear views from another fly fish artist. A friend of my family's was a fish artist named Ben Kocian - one of the founding fathers of the CCA, he passed away recently and will be missed so hearing Dave talk about his artwork meant a lot.

  Joe Herndon
United States

Awesome show, Roger!! I didn't know how an audio show could be so good about a subject that is so visual. You know that Dave and I are close friends, but I was wowed at the energy and passion that Dave brought to the show. I believe his testimony of his artistic career would be very inspirational to any aspiring artist, young or old.

  Bill Butts
United States

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