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Kootenai River- Big, Bold and Beautiful
with Dave Blackburn

Dave Blackburn has been fishing and guiding the Kootenai River in Montana for over 25 years. If you want to know how to fish and where to fish on this great western trout river listen in and Dave will share his hard earned secrets.

Show Reviews

Comment   Listener

Tonight was great. Dave was fun to listen to. I can't wait to come out his way.

  Phil Pankow
United States

Excellent show. I can't wait to go.

  Silas Gray
United States

Really enjoyed the show. We have definitely planned to visit Dave's next year. He sold me on fishing the Kootenai.

  Marc Simkins
United States

Loved it. Dave is superb. Such a Gentleman. I can't wait for the Hat to arrive from Montana. I floated with Dave last summer, we did not get into Bull Trout. I did catch a lot of 20-21 inch Trout.

  Frederick Hodge
United States

Much too much time spent on the area, the hx, the pronunciation and a lot of info which in another venue would have been interesting but not when I wanted to learn about fly fishing that river system. The show is titled "ask about fly fishing". That title does not smack of a chamber of commerce presentation. I liked your guest and his passion for his river.

  Gerald Mill
United States

Hi Roger, I LOVE the pod casts and especially the one on the 'Kootenai River- Big, Bold and Beautiful' with your guest speaker Dave Blackburn. An amazing amount of information. Dave is incredibely knowledgeable. Last year I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in Montana. Fishing, hiking, and motorcyling with my family. It was awsome. We rented a cabin on the Yaak and I with this radio show would have been last year. Oh well, It's a good thing we are going back next year. I generally get out on the water 2-3 times a week. now that school is out I can take my son and his friends. we have a blast. I get so much out of your shows. everything from tackle and fishing tips to the fly tying and tech stuff. Thank you so much for an outstanding job with your show. If you ever get to central Illinois look me up. Thanks once again and God Bless.

  Tim Baer
United States

Another excellent show, Roger. Dave is a wonderfully passionate angler, devoted to his rivers' wild trout habitat as much as he is to his livelihood and his family. His knowledge of the fishing waters is surpassed only by his passion for the history of the Kootenai. It is always wonderful to hear a guest that understands the real value of his trout habitat to the natural world and how hard he must work to keep it healthy in our crazy, "people-centric" world. Kudos to Mr. Blackburn.

  Mark Mathews
United States

I think Dave did a good job and made some good points for those interested in fishing in his part of the country. I don't want to know too much about local waters for example when I listen to a program. I can call a local fly shop and get that kind of information if I need to. What I am looking for when I listen to the program and review past programs is information on technique, thoughts about rigging, leader systems, reading water with a more focused eye and how to do that, entomology (I learned a lot for example about damsel flies from a past program) and so forth. I want to know what the guest speaker knows - the how and why kinds of things. I missed that in Dave's remarks. What does he do so his guests succeed on the river - the techniques and such. What kinds of water does he target and why. How does he fish that kind of water. I wanted to hear more about that kind of stuff and not so much about the river. I enjoyed the program, just disappointed I didn't learn more about fishing big rivers.

  D Baumgartner
United States

I enjoyed listening to the show. Dave gave a lot of pertinent information for fishing that area. I had no idea how large that river was until I heard him talking about it. I thought the show was very good.

  David Vigue
North Carolina
United States

Excellent show, I have to admit I listened to it several times after the live broadcast and hope to make it up your way. My wife and I are trying to find the time to make a trek out that way this summer. You really make it sounds like a great area to fish and would love to chase some native species. Thanks for your time to do this broadcast.

  Martin Kollman
United States

Great show. Keep up the good work. I now have something to keep me company while tying bugs! Would love to hear a show on fly fishing in Michigan. Our state has some rivers worth a mention!

  Brian Hausig
United States

Dave did a nice job an d was knowledgable about more than the fishing!

  Stephen Born
United States

Just a comment. Funny. While we do spell Kootenai differently (with a "y" - Kootenay) it is still pronounced "Koot-nee." Not with the Canadian "Koot-n-eh!" Thanks for the great programming. Nathan Erik

  Nathan Erik

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