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Tenkara's Evolution
with Daniel Galhardo

Daniel Galhardo brought Tenkara fly fishing to North America and has introduced a new an exciting way to fly fish. Learn about the history and fishing in Japan that inspired him to create a company based on Tenkara. Daniel will also share how he started and built his business into the success it is today.

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Great show...I am anxious to get hold of some tenkara equipment and give this a try.

  Damon Dean
United States

Great interview with Daniel. I am glad I tuned in to listen, and I will be getting into Tenkara as I have never cared for western fly fishing. I like the simplicity of Tenkara. Best wishes to Daniel and Tenkara USA.

  Manny Sanchez
United States

My plan was to finish packing for a spring time spawning fish vacation. After coming across this site I had to sit still and listen to Paul Rose expertise. Providentially perfect!

  Ralph Bosse
United States

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