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Fly Fishing for Mako Sharks
with Conway Bowman

Want to pit yourself against a mako shark? Conway Bowman tells us about his special techniques to attract, catch, and release mako sharks on the fly. This exciting new approach allows you to sight cast to Makos, see the take, and enjoy one of the most acrobatic and powerful fights of your life.

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Hi I live far from shark water but to hear Conway Bowman's explanation on fly fishing for shark was very interesting and so clear, so I learn a lots from him and apreciate what he did for us during the program. Thank you for making it possible to listen these specialists.

  Mike Boutet

Show was really fun. I only wish I could have learned all this a while back when I was working and traveling regularly between Colorado and San Diego. Next time I'm in San Diego I'm calling Bowman. Thanks

  Jim Conway
United States

The show was very interesting. I am the President of CT. Women Anglers on the Fly (fly fishing group for women) I do think that you and many other media organizations really miss an entire (lucrative market) by not having or featuring a woman in this sport. I would love to do a program with you .I have a MS degree in Marketing and I am fun! Keep up the good work.

  Regina Stinson
United States

This is a phenomenal way of disseminating the state of the art and best practices of the art and sport of fly fishing. I will be a loyal listener and subscriber of your web site long into the future, and customer of your sponsors who support your service. Thank you for providing this invaluable information to fly fishers the world over.

  Rob Willardson
United States

The topic intrigues me. To catch a shark on a fly rod has been my goal for many years. Imagine the fight of an apex preditor on a fly rod. I was able to listen on the rebroadcast through the Internet. The guest was knowlegeable and interesting. The content was fascinating. I was glad to hear that Conway Bowman expressed strongly the need to catch and release this fish. The hosts were upbeat and kept the program moving well. I continue to learn about fly fishing topics through your format. Thanks.

  Tom Zmina
United States

I Thought the show on Mako sharks was fantastic. I didn't think it would be something that I would take a lot of interest in but, "Sign me up I'm ready to go!!" Thanks again guys for a great show and another great guest. Keep up the good work.

  Timothy Schilling
United States

Great show! I have listened to them all and this was my favorite. I doubt I will ever go shark fly fishing (all though I do a lot of salt water fly fishing) but Conway makes a great guest.

  Quinn Canfield
United States

Very interesting. However, is this a trip for an 86 year old mam (still active) who is a fishing novice and a nonswimmer?

  Ben Katz
United States

That was awsome to see fly fishing for shark.

  tim askins
United States

From what I heard of it I enjoyed it very much. I always wanted to flyfish for Mako since I was 14 years old and was watching Oscar Robertson(famous NBA player) catch one off the Islands. I can't remember which Island but what I can remember is that this shark jumping 15 feet out of the water. It was narrated by Curt Gowdy and the American Sportsman. They are the fastest of all sharks and would love to hook into one. There is a beach in southern San Diego, Ca. where bonefish could be caught and released. Very good show I will have to relisten to it when its ready. Honey Do's where first tonight!

  Daniel Gonsalves
United States

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