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The River of Monsters
with Chip Drozenski

Chip Drozenski, has fished many of the great rivers in Argentina but one of his favorites is the Limay River better know as the River of Monsters. Join us to discover the secrets of this river where the average migratory browns and rainbows are 26 to 30 inches and trophies are 36 to 40 inches. These monsters can weigh 10 to 20 pounds and be caught in water less than 3 feet deep. This is one show you don't want to miss!

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Great show! Loved having my question read on the show. Thanks a lot for the great production and I look forward to following along on future broadcasts. Thanks again! -Bryan

  Bryan Gover
United States

Excellent. This show changed my idea of what that trip would be like. I will be going!

  Silas Gray
United States

Excellent. Having been on two of the Andes Drifters' trips to the Limay in early March, he told the story of what it is like very well indeed. Brought back excellent memories. I especially liked what he said about the flies and the hook set. So very true. The largest fish I saw caught was close to 20 pounds and caught on a very small minnow imitation that the local guides tied. Slimness is a necessity. Before I go back, I will listen to this broadcast several more times. It's a great tutorial. thanks.

  Julie Tallman
United States

I've been to the Chile side of Patagonia and have wanted to try the Argentinian side. Now if I can just find someone to go with... that double occupancy thing you know, I am there.

  nancy wilson
United States

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