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Fly Fishing for Redfish
with Chico Fernandez

Chico Fernandez shares a lifetime of experiences fly fishing for redfish. He'll cover all the essentials including rods, reels, rigs, casting techniques and flies. Join us and learn how to hook up with a redfish.

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Chico is a wonderful guest. I have his bonefish book and it is tops. I've been looking forward to his completing this redfish book and it sounds great. Thanks Roger.

  John McMinn
United States

I very much enjoyed the show. Very informative! How else could someone grading calculus exams in Kentucky get to ask a question of a legend in the world of fly fishing ?

  Phil McCartney
United States

Hi Roger, Enjoyed the show as always, although it has been a few months. So pleased to win Chico's book as I fish often for reds in Mosquito Lagoon.

  Mike Adamson
United States

Great show. Great guest. I'd love to hear more from Chico.

  Michael Aldridge
United States

Roger, the presentation by Chico was excellent. When I lived and fished in Florida, I had the good fortune to meet and attend several presentations and seminars with Chico. He was always extremely friendly and approachable. As evidenced with his presentation on your show, he is always willing to share his abundant knowledge and experience. He makes it simple and does not try to make it sound as if he is the only expert. He is also a good teacher of fly casting. By the way, thanks for the free ticket to the Fly Fishing Show.

  Rick Meeks
North Carolina
United States

Excellent! Very helpful. Lots of info.

  Bill Thomas
North Carolina
United States

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