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Fly Fishing for Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout
with Chester Allen

Chester Allen has been fly fishing for sea-run cutthroat trout for over 15 years. Listen in to hear his secrets and strategies for chasing these beautiful and aggressive feeding cutts, including in-depth information on how to figure the tides, find the best beaches, and how to rig for success.

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Searun cutthroats have been hard for me to find and catch, so I scheduled time to listen to the podcast tonight. I think you and Chester had a nice chemistry together on the radio and covered lots of material. You worked the questions in at appropriate times and had an organized progression to the show. Thanks for the useful information.

  Dick Fondahn
United States

Actually I did, and I really enjoyed it. Please continue the great work. Lots of good and for me, new information!

  Dave Klotz
United States

Great show on a fun topic that doesn't get covered very much (even in the magazines)

United States

Another Great show

  Bill Thomas
North Carolina
United States

Great show! Very relevant to my fishing. NW presenters are really the best.

  Von Miller
United States

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