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Advanced Fly Tying Techniques
with Charlie Craven

Charlie Craven is back to answer your advanced questions on fly tying. Charlie is one of the best fly tiers and fly tying instructors you'll run into. No matter how much you know or how long you've tied you'll be sure to learn a few more tips and techniques during this show.

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Great, great show. By far the most info packed into a 90 min time slot. Thanks again Charlie.

  Jason Barker

I liked it. It might be because he confirmed that it is OK to tie off the parachute hackle on the post. Some tiers say absolutely not. However, I have been doing it since 1997 when I read about it on a website from Loveland, CO. There have been no problems for me. Everything he talked about was interestiong. I'll start checking out his website.

  Bob Bates
United States

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