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Tying Nymphs
with Charlie Craven

Charlie Craven is a top-selling signature fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants. He's also a great teacher so if you want to learn a bunch of great fly tying techniques join us for an in-depth study of tying nymphs.

Show Reviews

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Very informative webcast from 1 of the best tyers in the art .

  Joe Herndon
United States

Very informative! New to fly tying. I learned a number of new techniques.

United States

Enjoyed the show

  Dave McCutchen
United States

Extremely knowledgeable

  Kenneth Mitchell
British Columbia

Great detail and very good suggestions for both fly tyers and fishing tough waters!

  Richard Roessler
United States

Enjoyed Charlie's wide range of knowledge on the many questions asked. Any of course your hosting was excellent as always.

  Danny rock
United States

Charley is always honest and precise in the information he shares with you. It was a delightful interview with a trustworthy guest. I hope his new books are as successful as the ones already in print.

  gerald Vidergar
United States

Enjoyed the show, going to purchase charlie's book.

  Ramona Schriber
United States

This would be a good opportunity to stream live video when you have a guest like Charlie that is describing fly tying techniques. You have to see what he is doing to get the full benefits

  James Dubisz
United States

Charlie is an amazing tier and a great speaker as well. I always enjoy listening to him on your show, more so than any other presenter. He is informative and explains everything in a language we can understand. On a side note, his audio quality on the recorded broadcast that I listened to was excellent, but Roger's needs a bit more volume. Keep up the great work as I love listening to the broadcasts while tying.

  Craig Myers
United States

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