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Fly Fishing - Art of War
with Chad Schiel

Chad Schiel treats his fishing with all the seriousness of going to war. He uses the term W.E.T. to describe his approach, which stands for Weather, Enemy, Terrain, and is actually a military intelligence term used in the Marines to collect and evaluate intelligence to prepare battlefield operations. To find out how this applies to your fly fishing you'll have to listen in to this show.

Show Reviews

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Great speaker, very well organized and easy to follow.

  Mike Koslosky
United States

Great show, I will definitely be more focused the next time I go out.

  Ted Christie
United States

Just a very quick note to say how much I enjoy listening to your show and how much I look forward to each new instalment. I'm a very keen fisherman (with a love for fly fishing in particular) from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The topics you cover and the guests you speak to each week are informative and very interesting and I would like to thank you for providing such a fantastic show all round. Keep up the great work!

  Brad Grikis

GREAT show. But then your content and guests are always superb. I am very glad you fixed the prob and reran this show - it is too good and I have already listened to it twice. The only complaint I could ever make is with regard to sound quality. At times the guest is hard to hear, while at other times you are. But please don't mess with the content. P.S. - I also like the length of the show and your questions are very good.

  Don Lapiana
United States

I loved this episode. It was very interesting to try and "get in the head" of the fish and figure out not only where they would be, but why.

  Jeff Moon
United States

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