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Persuading Permit
with Bruce Chard

Bruce Chard is in the business of persuading permit to take his fly and he won't take 'No' for an answer. Listen to this show to find out Bruce's insider secrets of persuasion.

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Great broadcast! Will be in Florida to see family will consider booking well in advance.

  Greg Horsfield
United States

Bruce Chard is the king of Permit fishing in North America. Having experience myself, I appreciated the technical accuracy of his Permit fishing advice. Great show.

  Gary Eaton
United States

Enjoyed very much, as a UK fly angler listening at my vice to the recorded show is great. Most of the time its the salt water guests that find most interesting. great guests ,great show.

  Dave Hilton
United Kingdom

Great Program,Bruce Chard was on his game! Two weeks ago while fishing in the Keys with Don Action Jackson from Tullahoma TN, while staked out, Bruce's boat with his clients came up along side, while we were talking a large group of tarpon came streaming by...keep up the good fly fishing programs, I met you at one of FFF's Conclaves, a few years back...thanks.

  Robert Tabbert
United States

Another excellent show. I am really interested in saltwater fly fishing and love to hear from such experts.

  Andy Cordova
New Mexico
United States

Great program! Bruce is certainly one of the top permit guides. Not only is he extremely knowledgable, but he is a fine person and enjoyable to be around. He also is an expert on tarpon fishing. Thanks for another great program!

  Pat Oglesby
United States

Enjoyed it very much!

  Jim Mercer
United States

This was a great show!

  Treg Owings
United States

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